Quarter III... or is it IV?

Made the template and cut the metal to make the replacement trunk dropoff. I made a cardboard template with the existing driver's side dropoff, and then just cut metal one inch wider in all dimensions. I cut reliefs where it looked like I'd be bending it.
Here it is after bending, shown with the template. I have installed it, but my welds were not pretty (inverted welding is still not my strong suit) so I didn't take any pictures. It fit decently, I had to adjust a little.
I made a tool to bend the curve for the front lip of the rear seat pan. Probably wasn't the best plan to use the actual piece I was working on to determine the proper wire speed for max amperage (looks like 5 1/2 is right, by the way) - made some ugly welds when the speed was too slow and then again when I turned it to too fast.
Example of how I'll be using this tool.
I ground the welds across the top of the quarter, and with the newly attached bottom-rear, the only thing left is the wheelhouse patch.
View looking down the ground weld.. wow that came out nice.
and looking from the rear.. smooth. Wish I could redo the driver's side without cutting it all apart again.
Started to make the first patch for the front lip on the rear seat pan... but the food showed up and it was time to call it a night. This is just roughly cut to fit. Tomorrow I'll get it trimmed to fit properly.

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