10 Dec 2017
Wait, what?

Surely that can't be right. Four years since the last update?!

What a horrible slacker I've been!. I've done a little, actually, here and there but never seem to get around to updating the site.

Trans Am is sold, went to Finland to be parted out.  DD is almost paid off, maybe something better as a replacement.

Also these are really bad thumbnails.  I've replaced the computer I was using and no idea what software was making the thumbnails before, but I don't have it now.  Will find something better.

So here's essentially where we left off last time.  The brace was extended to add two inches to the tunnel with some 16ga   It's just tacked in there at this point.

You might also see the driveshaft in the transmission.  Turns out, this is not the right yoke -- I've never owned a TH400 but somehow I ended up with the 32 spline yoke from a 400's driveshaft rather than the 27 spline.  Since I'm an idiot, I thought it just wasn't sliding in right and I may have damaged the output splines.  Will have to pull the tailshaft housing off to check; was going to have to pull the engine/tranny out anyway to finish the welds and paint the underbody/firewall.
The tacked-together brace didn't hold when I started trying to get the jammed-in-there driveshaft back out.  
  Here you see the remaining rust in the back wall of the cab. 
I've patched the holes on this side of the package tray.  Not perfect, but doesn't have to be. 

No picture, but also patched the inside of the sail panel.
  So I had a great idea:  Make the firewall box that the General put in the car in '69 fit the 4th gen F-body evaporator.  It needs to be deeper, and the best way to do that is to pie-cut the box and fiberglass it back together.

Pie-cut so the blower housing doesn't change shape - don't want to try and do anything fancy there, hoping to end up with a stock 69 fan there.
The new core is not as tall as the old one, so a spacer was made out of cardboard and also covered in fiberglass.  Here is where I learned the difference between "fiberglass mat" and "fiberglass cloth".   
  The fiberglassery also needs to happen to the inside, of course.  Doesn't have to end up pretty here.
It actually looks like it's going to work pretty well. At this point I've not actually done anything to keep the core lined up or sealed (see the big rough hole in the front the lines come out of) 
 The F-body evaporator uses a plastic spacer with a rubber weatherstrip around it.  I've wrapped fiberglass around it to secure and seal it.  This looks to be working out well. 
Time to build out the flange so it can be mounted.  
  I got the Holley alternator relocation bracket.  It looks nice, but my Friendly Local Auto Parts Store (FLAPS) did not have the Corvette PS pump it calls for. 
Painted and bolted up.   
 The FLAPS did, however, have the 2005 Silverado 145a alternator, so now I have it instead.
Tore down the F-body PS pump to see how closely it matched what the instructions were calling for. 

It does not.  Will have to special-order the Corvette PS.
 The mid-length adapter for the Holley kit comes with the adapters for both the alternator and for the AC. 

I'd thought to list the AC side for sale for roughly half the price of the adapter set.
I went ahead and tried mocking up the lines for the stock F-body AC compressor, to see just how much more notching would be needed.

All of it.  I'd have to notch everything. 

That won't do. 

Suppose I'm going to need the Holley adapter after all.
  Garage is significantly cleaner at this point. 
New job as of earlier this year, which comes with the unexpected: I have actual vacation coming starting mid next week. Expect more frequent updates.

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