10 Dec 2021

Time to work on the header panel.  Wanted to get it mounted before stripping it.  This is made slightly more complex in that the car is just long enough that I can't squeeze by to unlock the garage door with this panel mounted.

Not pictured: A day spent installing a new garage door opener so I don't have to squeeze past.
Stripped the header panel.  This is officially the panel in the best shape on the car.
I found the wiper motor arm!  Now I know for sure that the ball is 2 1/4" from the motor.
Started cutting out rust on the hood.
I guess I skipped the whole "taking pictures" thing for that first one as we jump now to first welded and ground, and second in progress.
Far side (Nos. 3 and 4) welded
Center (no. 5) welded.
Here's what I cut out.  No further pics of the top of the hood at this time.
Flipped the hood over, strip the paint from there (not particularly worried about the areas the insulation will cover); the trailing edge is much, much worse than I expected.
And it's even worse on this side.

Smarter man wouldn't have got this far on this hood, and certainly would have gone new hood shopping at this point.  Let's fix this instead.
The more paint/bondo I take off, the more rust I find.
Some small rust holes further forward
(on both sides)
I cut rust away.
Patch 1 started (white spray paint to put something on the metal I won't be able to get to once this is done)
Just a reminder: I'm still a horrible welder.
Second half of patch 1, plus the cowl-seal holes have been drilled.
First part of patch 2.  Or 3, if you coulnt the little tab.
Patch 1 (mostly) ground
Bring on the all-metal!
On both sides!  Did the same for those small holes further forward.  It's not perfect, but it's the underside of the hood, it doesn't have to be.

It's winter.

According to the weather forecast, today is the only day for the next few weeks that it'll be warm enough to put paint on the underside of this hood.  It's not a particularly good day for it - wind 15-20 with gusts up to 30, 20% chance of rain... but it is the day we've got.  Let's make the best of it.

Sawhorses in the driveway give the best chance for debris to blow onto the hood.
Start with Summit branded epoxy primer, because that's what I have.  It's black.
Didn't really go on so well; bad surface prep is partially to blame.
Move on to the black paint I got from Sherwin-Williams on 6 November.
More clouds gather.
First coat of high-gloss clear (also from the 6 Nov SW run)
If it hadn't been the underside of the hood, I probably would have done a real thin coat of filler to handle pits in the metal.  It's the underside, this is really what the metal looks like,
The edges are really the important spots - in the previous incarnation, the black paint flaked off a lot on the edges, revealing previous colors.  Since I took it all down to bare metal, there are no previous colors now.
Move the hood into the garage before the rain actually starts!

Next week when more hands are available, I'll get this hood mounted and adjusted.  The top is still in bare metal, it'll get paint with the rest of the car.

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