10 Jul 2021
Align body to frame

Left off yesterday with the tires not lining up in the wheelwell - everything offset towards the driver's side.

Tried ratchet-strap from various places underneath to other places underneath and gained maybe a quarter inch.

Got frustrated.

Bought a tool.

This thing MOVED the body.  It made it clear, however, that I was barking up the wrong tree - when the body mounts don't line up with the frame, you know it's in the wrong place.

Yeah, I'm an idiot.  The adjustable UCAs can move the tires over.  With that knowledge, I used the inner edge of the tire to the frame as a guide.

This tool also moved the body back though.
And now I'm at about 2 3/8 on each side.
I'd seen something like this somewhere, and thought I should like to have one.  So now I do.
Time to start putting the inner AC box together.  This thing was painted red at some point, and then poorly black over that.  Let's clean it up and redo it.
I need one of these connectors.
Did get the underhood wires for the AC set up and wrapped.  I think the relay goes here.  At least... now it will.
Assembled the hood hinges.  This is probably another case of premature assembly but the springs were in the way.
Moved on to putting together the plug for the dashboard. It's going well enough, except for a few minor issues:

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