Tasks for the day today included removing the entire interior; the brake master cylinder and booster; the steering column; heater and AC components; assembling the LS1 and T56; and test-fitting them into the vehicle so I can figure out how much of the floor I'll need to cut out.
This was my starting point today. Here I've removed the driver's seat and pulled the gauge carrier out.
Center console and steering column removed.
Looks like my throttle cable was about to snap anyway.
Interior removed. The carpet was trash - the leaks caused some mold and general water damage. I've got rust issues - driver's side front, and passenger side rear. I expect those are also because of the leaks.
My "used but in good shape" clutch doesn't appear to be in good shape. I am relatively sure that McLeod rebuilds these for a fee; I'll have to find out the details tomorrow.
Better view of the flywheel. Was almost tempted to go ahead and put my stock single-disk clutch that came with the engine in.
But instead I just attached the transmission to the engine with no clutch at all. I needed to get it in the car to figure out the engine and transmission mounts and figure out where I needed to clearance the tunnel.
Here's as far as I got it in. I had some issues with the crossmember - I'd left it in when I was pulling the 396 out; getting the bolts off was difficult, I even had to cut a hole in the floor to get a socket on one of them.
Alternate view of my final position.

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