10 June 2009
Trunk Floor

Need to finish the rust repair so I can get the tank in, etc.

If you need a reminder, the rusted out trunk floor before I cut it out looked like this.
Used some of that spiffy Tractor and Implement Primer on the exposed bits of the frame and the tank brace.  Used it because a) it's easy, and b) I can brush it on.  Also used the throatless shear to cut the replacement panel.  It's rapidly becoming my favorite tool - it made the cuts here real easy.
I did real good at not burning through, and at getting good penetration.  Not so good at not making really big beads.

Not too bad for not welding sheetmetal for 3+ years.
Ground the beads down some.  I'll need to do more grinding, but it was getting ready to pour and I needed to close up.

(We got just shy of six inches of rain over 12 hours)
Here's the brace I cut out.

After I put everything away and tried to close the garage door, one side of the pulley got out of whack and the door wouldn't close.  Getting a repairman out was another 250 that could have been put to good use.

Oh well.  Next up, I need to pull the axle out and finish the wheelwells.  Once that's done, I can finish painting the underside and there will be nothing left but reassembly.

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