10 March 2019
Rear Rust Repair, pt 3 of so many

Continuing the unending saga of the car that will end up made entirely of weld bead. 

Weld and cut and weld and bend and weld and bend.
Also had to make the lip, since the old one was rusted away.
I remain not a very good welder.  Weldor.  Whatever.
It ain't perfect but bondo will hide a lot of sins.

Not pictured: The patch in the wheelwell did not match the outside bend.
Made a new patch that did, and cut the inner fender away to join cleanly.  Primed all the things, in preparation for seam sealer -- there are areas in here that will be inaccessible once this is closed up.
Alternate view

I do not expect to need this part, but I can't see throwing it away yet.
Time to start on the pass side bed closeout.


This is the point where I ran out of welding wire.  Don't want to get cleaned up and make a run right now, so may as well clean up so I can work easier.

I can see (most of) the bed.
And now I have access to the workbench and room to work!  Woo!

 Went and got the welding wire.

Once you have wire, it's time to weld.  
Welded the perimeter.  Still need to make a patch for the inner corner of the bed.

And, since God is an iron, here's where I ran out of shielding gas.

Even though I didn't have the shielding, I went ahead and welded in the patch on the passenger side package tray.

You can kinda see the holes in this image from last week.

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