10 Nov 2013
Pass floor complete

Happy birthday to all the Marines out there.
Getting the liner out of the MIG welder wasn't easy, and it might be because of these two kinks here,
and also this kink here at the gun end.  There may also have been others that weren't obvious on the driveway.
With the new liner in place, the gun feeds great!  Here the pass floor patch is complete. 
The screw-hole on the back wall is filled in with weld bead.  So are all the holes in the floor I'd used to put wire guides from various amps, and the holes that are always too big for the door sill moldings (those will need redrilled smaller later).
Remember back in 2006 when I had to cut a hole in the floor to get a rusted tranny crossmember bolt out?

(yeah, looks like I didn't mention that in the updates - it was somewhere between the teardown on 10 Jun 2006, because the carpet came out as part of that, and you can see it in the first pic on the next update on 1 Jul 2006)

Well, time to make the car not remember either.
Rear half of pass floor
... and the front.  I still need to grind my welds, and clean off the surface rust and undercoat here, but it's (so far as I can tell) solid now. Here's where I ran out of shielding gas, too.
Since it's required that I find more rust every time I get out here, here I find that the terminal on my dome light has almost rusted through.

I've got no idea how that happens.
Next up: alter the AC box to accept the Camaro coil.  Here I've cut it long-ways.
The coil fits in like this.  It's deeper, and it's not as tall.
Inlet has a spiffy block-off that will seal that.
... but it looks like it'll require that I build that part out even more.
I've got to fashion a block-off (as described on 5 May 2012) for the right side here (which is the bottom)
.. and a spacer/blockoff that's about an inch thick for this part.
I know that the firewall is just sandwiched between the inside and outside AC boxes here, but (not that you can tell), there's about 1/4" where the firewall and AC box aren't lining up here, when the internal box isn't installed.
Might be easier to see that here.
So: I'm sure absolutely nobody is wondering why I'm working on the El Camino if I'm replacing it, and the answer is that I suspect that I am not. Yes, I would love to have a 69 Chevelle instead, but I don't; until I sell the 65, I can't do anything else so I might as well move forward with this one.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if I got an electric sunroof that went back and up, like the newer Camaros have, especially if it's not made of glass.  I assume the aftermarket has something like that.

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