More Blasting and Rear Axle

I haven't really been slacking; I've been sandblasting and that really makes for some boring pictures.

Before and after type pics of the upper control arms.
I've been doing lots of sandblasting. Here we have both upper control arms, both outer front bumper brackets, and part of the clutch linkage, all are ready for primer and paint now.
Time to tear into the rear. Here I've removed the axles and the drum brakes, and hammered out the upper bushings. The piles of dirt under the axle are from me using a chisel to break off some of the caked-on grime.
Dragged the axle out into the driveway to clean the crap off it. I used two cans of degreaser, a bucket of water with lots of dishwashing detergent, and quite a few different wire brushes and chisels/scrapers. Here is the pic after one of the rounds of scrub-and-hose down.
Here is one after I pulled the axle back into the garage. The numbers on the top read "13" and "43".. go figure, 43 divided by 13 is 3.31 (rounded). Looks like these were markings from the line specifying what ring and what pinion was installed?
Coated the whole top half of the axle with POR-15.
Alternate view. The puddle is from me coating the gears with oil so they don't rust before I put the posi in and fill the whole thing with lube.
Back view.
Used the vise to press in the wheel studs.
I installed all 10 studs.

I have picked up the axle seals and bushings for this; and I ordered the rear disc brackets (they're the rear disc brackets from a 93-97 Camaro/Trans Am - Part numbers RH 18019858 LH 18019857). Once they arrive, I'll go ahead and install the brackets, the seals, the bushings, and put the axles back in for now. I thought about it and have decided not to replace the pinion seal; a post at Team Chevelle said that if I'm not changing the gear ratio I don't need to pull the pinion out at all which is just fine by me.

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