Random task day, preparing for primer on the front half of the car.

Started by removing the gas tank. Tank strap nut looks fine,
but the bolt sheared off. Go figure.
Then, amazingly enough, the other sheared off too.
Reference pic of where the lines go.
Tank bottom
And top. Not in bad shape, but no build sheet. Sigh, I had hoped.
The floor above the tank is in pretty good shape.
This body mount looks like it might have been repaired in the past with bondo or fiberglass - seems to have window screen in it.
This panel might be a problem. Not sure what to do about this, I suppose the answer is "nothing" until I get new pan.
"3867" was written on the firewall, looks like before paint (maybe with a crayon?)
Wire-brushed the undercarriage in preparation for etch-primering.
I wonder if this cut is evidence of a past repair.
These holes are evidence of a future repair.
Put the sandblaster back together and did one of the headlight carriers.
Scraped seam sealer out of the seams on the firewall, wirebrushed the whole thing, again in preparation for etch primer.
Disassembly of the heater box.
All screwed-on items have been removed. This looks to be as far as it can be disassembled.
View of the other side.

Not shown, but I've sprayed the rear crossmember (which was coated with chunks of greasy dirt) with degreaser. I had already scraped a lot of the chunks off it, I should be able to get it clean before time for primer.