You've got to love those cool fall temps. We didn't want to do anything too major today. On reflection, I don't know why not - but we specifically chose not to remove the front clip. Perhaps tomorrow.

Finally removed the glove box door. Needed a stubby #3 phillips to do it.
Cleaned some of the stuff off the front end - the hood latch, the headlamps and buckets, the battery tray (not shown) and the radiator shroud.
Looks kinda bare without all that.
Hard to tell, but this is me shearing off another body mount bolt. Sigh.
Removed the e-brake.
You might not have been able to tell from previous pics, but the front corner of the pan did not completely fit. A little work with a torch and a hammer and now it's much tighter.
Closeup of hammer and torch work. Black marks are to locate the holes for the accelerator pedal studs.