12 July 2020
Front End and Dash and AC Box

Once again, a bit of a mixed bag. Also a lot of the progress isn't really "stuff that photographs well".
I put the driver's side fender on.  I had previously mounted the cruise control box on the inner fender (you'd think I'd have taken a pic; I used rivnuts and everything, that's a thing that would have actually photographed well!).  It interfered with the fender, so it had to get moved.
Also - probably more importantly - the mount for the forward fuse box interfered with the washer bottle mount (and, in theory, the washer bottle).
Pass side went on easier, and it looks like I can tuck the ECU up on the outer side of the battery (not quite sure if it's to be vertical or angled yet)
I had *thought* that I was going to be able to put the two large gauges plus the four smaller ones in the dash.  I don't know why I thought that, there's just room for two large and maybe two small at most.

So I'm going to run the crappy three-gauge panel for oil pressure, water temp, and voltage; the main dash will have the two large gauges plus fuel level and the indicator lights from the cardboard panel.
Moved both fuse boxes towards the firewall (moved the forward one to the back).  Now the washer bottle clears.  Also moved the
So I bolted the AC box together with the new coil and it promptly broke when I bolted it to the firewall.
I suppose that would explain it - the short side is about half an inch too short.
Adjustment in progress.
Exhaust in progress too.
The exhaust is welded up.

As referenced here - this exhaust has got a reputation, so yes, this is really bad welds all around... but I didn't blow through so it *should* be leak-free.
Mounted.  Used the rivnut tool to mount the hangers.
Tried a half-dozen different radiator hoses without finding one that really worked (O'Reillys will let you keep returning and ordering different ones but they get sick of it too) so instead I've just got the flexible universal ones.  Suboptimal but it is what it is.

Also - not previously discussed - I had, a long time ago, bought a Lincoln Mark VIII fan as part of a group purchase on P-T.  It was too large, and didn't really clear the water pump.  Also the wiring for the Mk8 fan would be a pain; I'd have to figure out how to turn the two fan inputs into high/low speeds here.

Easier option: bought an LS-era Camaro radiator fan setup.  Maybe doesn't flow as much, but a lot easier to wire up and the size works pretty well.  Rivnuts to mount, because when the only tool you have is a hammer....
Also added the correct heater hose, and filled the system with water.
So with the cooling system sorted, it's time to fire it up and validate the clutch works.

It doesn't.

It doesn't disengage, which means that when the car's running I can't put it in gear.

Replaced the clutch master (the old one was used?) and re-bled... and now the clutch works.

Still a lot softer than I expected but maybe that's correct?
The steam vent is hooked up, I drilled and tapped the water pump housing for the water temp sensor, and got a 3.5" bend for the intake tubing.
Oh - and not pictured at all - rear lights are wired up. The Type 56 connectors I'd used actually kinda suck - had to disconnect and reconnect a couple of times to get good conductivity; maybe that's me and maybe it's the connectors.

So: Clutch is up, cooling is up. Still need to lengthen the wires to the ECU and finish wrapping the wires with electrical tape. Need to replace the front tires, and then I will be able to take the car off the jackstands (which will make getting to the wires to wrap a bit easier).

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