I was not sure if I would get to a point where I could shoot some primer this weekend, but it would seem that I had plenty of time, started shooting late this morning - a day early.

Wiped the areas to be painted down with wax & grease remover before I started shooting etch primer. Amazing how close DuPont VariPrime looks to Crocus Yellow.
Shot the dash, floorpans, driver's door, firewall (inside and out), windshield frame sides, the headlight carrier I sandblasted yesterday, and the floorpans and frame from below. I used pretty much the entire quart of Variprime and activator.
Let the etch primer flash off, then covered it with DuPont epoxy primer. Again I shot the dash, pans top and bottom, driver's door, headlight carrier, firewall inside and out, and the frame (under the car). Also got the entire windshield frame. Used signifigantly less than a quart.
Seam sealer was next. I did most of the underbody too, but ran out before finishing.
Sandblasted the other headlight carrier (not shown) and the engine mounts. If I had a better sandblaster, I could have gotten more done. (bottom of the line Harbor Freight cabinet). Note to self: Reinstall these mounts BEFORE putting lower control arms back in.
6 ounces (4oz epoxy, 2oz activator) of epoxy was too much for these. I put more on the door and dash, where it looked a little thin. The little bit hanging on the left of the engine mounts is from the parking brake assembly.

I think I'm rapidly approaching the point where I will have to purchase some parts. I think I can still strip the trunklid, and I know I can strip the pass door and hood, and shoot them with the epoxy primer. Other than that, I need to buy sheetmetal or suspension parts next up. At least it looks like I've got enough primer for a while. As much as I hate to admit it, I should buy the under-rear-seat panels instead of trying to patch mine.