Rear seat pan

I was reminded Friday morning of the need for proper eye protection - either on Wednesday or Thursday I somehow got a chunk of metal embedded in my eyeball. I spent Friday afternoon at the local hospital, it's taken care of and my eye feels much better now. I've started wearing goggles instead of safety glasses, just in case.

Went to the swapmeet at the Ballpark in Arlington yesterday; they've moved it to the other end of the parking lot and it would appear to have gotten MUCH larger. I found a lot of things that were definite "maybe" items - a set of late 80s Corvette wheels with 315 tires on them for 250.. some 16" Centerlines "4 tires 3 rims" for 200, a set of disc spindles/backing plates/caliper brackets for the Elky for 150, and one guy had a pass fender and a hood for the 65 that he only wanted 5 bucks for (of course, I don't need a hood and the back of the fender had a LOT of bondo-worms - I passed). He'd just sold the trunklid for 10... and it was in great shape. Didn't see any other 65 stuff.

Started by patching this part of the rear seat pan.
Wow.. I didn't take any pics between the last one and here.
I took a list of pics of the areas that still need rust repair. Here's one of the places that's next up.
I'll need to get a new pan and brace here. Even the new parts dealers at the meet didn't have one in stock.
I don't know whether or not I'll be able to do this without buying the rear seat pan. It's pretty far gone towards the edge.
This is looking down at the area behind the rear seat on the driver's side. Both sides are pretty bad.
This is the pass side.
There's quite a bit of bondo here. Wish I'd found the guy with the decklid for 10 bucks before the other person did.
It's not the 65, but I put the front part of the carpet in.
It's not as impressive when you can see that the carpet is too short on this side, and that only the front portion is installed.

No pic, but I put Seam Sealer on a lot of the places on the 65 that needed it. I finished the tube, so the rest will have to wait until after I weld more and get another tube.

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