13 June 2009
Variety Pack 2

Started the day by getting the crap that's been stored in the Chevelle's interior out - that included the El Camino's hood, several wheels and tires, a cat box, some wire mesh, and various other things.
Dash is ready for paint. 
Master cylinder gets a coat of "Cast Iron" paint, because it looked horrible against the new booster.  Now the booster is rusting, I just can't win.
Engine is painted and ready to go in, except for the clutch, pilot bushing, bellhousing, and those pesky valve covers.
Bunch of other stuff to paint today too.  Glove box was previously painted, but not with the urethane that the rest of the interior is getting... and I'll want it to match.
Interior is sanded and ready to shoot paint - I've got a poly single stage black for the tops of the doors and the bottom half of the dash.
And poof, they're painted.
The car is parked on an incline, and the trunk is the lowest part... and after last week's rain, there was a lot of rust growing in the trunk. I cleaned it up as best I could (regretting not having replaced the entire trunk pan) and primed it. Here's where I ran out of epoxy primer, and the local auto paint store is closed on weekends. Plenty of rough spots in the trunk that will need repair at some point, but they're outside the scope of this summer's challenge; and once I have the trunk mat in nobody will see them.
Shiny... steering column going in soon now.
I missed a spot (edge of glove box door area).  Needed a second coat anyway.
Heater box installed; won't hook the controls up until the second coat is done and dry.

Top of dash intentionally not painted - there's some areas that will need filler, and I don't want to do anything there until I can prime it again.
Looking more and more like a car every day. Need to pull this back off though and put some gasket goop on it, it doesn't seal very well otherwise.
Various other bits painted, all need a second coat too.
Air filter housing painted.  It may actually be too shiny.  Still need to find the filter element for it (looks like maybe this is a 66 327 housing?) and there's a decal I need to find.
Dash painted, now I have to do the flat black portions.  The green lenses behind the turn signal indicators were bleached out, I'll have to find replacements.
Wiper linkage installed.  From the Evening Orchid overspray on it already, I'm thinking that having this on before paint is just fine.

I think I'm rapidly approaching the point where I need to get the core support, radiator spacer, inner fenders, and fenders out of the attic (What? Don't you have most of a car in your attic too?) and clean them up for paint... but I'll need to get more primer.

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