Time to work the new quarter skin! Whee!

Doublechecked that the new quarter would really fit properly. It's just laid on top of the existing fender here.
Here's where I should be cringing. At this point is where my old project Camaro became too much work to do. But I pressed on...
It's like an X-ray view of my quarter. I'll have to clean it all up and paint it before I weld the new fender in.
I'll need to rework the bottom edge of this wheelhouse, but I don't think I want to replace the whole thing.
I've also got to repair this dropoff.
I guess I don't need to replace the trunk edge, this seems to be just fine.
Hard to tell with the e-coated fender, but the gap between the quarter and the trunk edge is about an inch. This may be adjustable when I'm attaching the bottom of the fender, it's just sitting in place now.
Cut the back of the old fender off...
... so I could use it to mark the holes for the trim. I'll have to use the rocker trim (once I get some) to figure out where to drill the holes down there.
I don't understand why the back of the old quarter is green.

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