14 May 09
The Chevelle Challenge (Truly) Begins

Tearing down the rear drums to sandblast and rebuild.
Blasted, ready for paint.  I had a spring kit from Pep Boys, but it only included some of the springs - how disappointing.
And painted.  You see the other hardware there in the back.
Complete.  You can tell which springs they didn't include, they're the rusty nasty looking ones here.text
I also had a hardware kit for the pass side (they didn't have the driver's side when I bought this, and I was disappointed here too - looks like I got a driver's side spring instead of the one that should have been here).. but I already had this, so I might as well use it.
Both drum setups ready to be installed.  I had forgotten just how much I hated doing drum brakes.  Now I remember.
Axle out, time to install the driver's side.
I've got my work cut out for me on the rust repair - which is next up after front suspension and finishing the parking brakes.
Drum painted and installed.  Even put the little rubber plug in - I don't know that I've ever done that before.
Of the four tires that came with the car, this is the only one that holds air.

Repeated all the same above steps on the pass side, but the tire there is a 4th gen spare.
Pic really for my reference; looks like I need about 30" of brake line per side.
Somewhere in there, one of the spider gear thrust washers got mangled.  That's not good.  Tried to grab one off the Elky, and it doesn't seem to have them?
Rear is buttoned up (but not filled with oil or torqued down) pending figuring out what I need to do about the thrust washer.

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