I worked in the garage yesterday, but slacked off and didn't post the pics.

First off, the ones from yesterday (13 Oct)
Removed the front shocks. The nut and shaft had rusted together, so I had to cut them out. No big deal for the cutoff wheel.
Started stripping the pass door. It's slow going.
Also stripped some on the hood underside.
Did separate the pass fender and it's inner fender. Now that I've got better flow to the tools, the cutoff wheel is quicker than welding the J-nuts to the body.
And then, the pictures from today. Ran some errands (trying to find a bulk-pack of 6-inch 40-60 grit self stick sanding disks - no luck) so not too much free time out in the garage this evening.
Michael took this pic during the stripping of the hood.
Finished stripping the door. Rust areas are circled.
Alternate view, rust areas are again circled.
I took this one when I shut it all down. Still quite a bit left to do.

Tomorrow - fix the door rust? Replace the driver's kick panel? Sand the hood? Only time will tell.