14 Oct 2020
Pass fender? Really?

I bit the bullet and did the cuts for the main dash panel.  I think I got a little in a hurry and the high beam indicator (top center) may not be perfect.  If that's the case, I'm sure it'll drive me nuts for the next decade.
The 4th-gen Camaro wiper motor works, because why wouldn't it?

Marked where it "parks", then realized the whole thing was hitting the bolt at top left, and marked again.

I need to find out how long the stock EC wiper arm was so I can make this one pretend to be that long.  If I could find the old arm, that'd be easier.
Got the radio and front speakers.  I have a speaker box that I'm going to cut up to fit better, and in theory I have an amp for it but I don't know where it went when I tore the car down back in 2006!  Where does the time go?
I did not understand why there were two large bore wires from the battery - one to the fuse box and one to the alternator... so I made it one large bore wire and a connector.  This one is 12" and is really too long.
(Reference pic for the AC controls)
Current to-do list.  At least the items get simpler.
I bought a better sandblaster, or at least a bigger one.

I'd done my reading before purchase so expected to have to make some modifications, such as this one talking about updates to the pickup tube.
Yeah, that's not the pickup they supply anymore.
Also I'm short one M4x20 screw.
I have lots of spares though, just not an M4.

(not pictured) I went ahead and ordered the Skat pickup from TP Tools and yeah - this still sucks.  I've apparently done something wrong as there's no sand flowing through, just air.
Decided to do something easier - the little rust damage on the pass side fender, and close up the trim holes.

Yes, it's true; in my absence my ability to weld didn't improve at all!
Trim holes went well enough, at least.
Cleaning up the back edge unearthed a rarity: a half-ass repair on this car that cannot be blamed on me!
And the more I cleaned the worse it got
Part needed to just be cut out and replaced (okay, probably more needed that than I did)
Yep, still suck at welding.  Especially in the driveway on a windy day.
I don't know how well you'll be able to see it but there's a high spot at about dead center of this pic.
Also the bottom edge is not straight at all - did it get jacked up wrong?  High-center a curb?  No idea, but the other side was straight.
I am not a hammer and dolly expert but it's at least much closer now.

Still need to finish cleaning up the backside and put paint on it so I can mount this fender and call it good until I start on external bodywork.
Did some more cleanup on the husk of the old dash and started trying to figure out the mounting of the new panel.  This is my view from sitting on the floor - I think the indicators will end up far too high and I won't be able to see them when I'm sitting in an actual seat, so this panel needs to be shorter.  Since I wouldn't be able to do a good straight cut, I think I'm going to break out the bender and bend about half an inch to make a flange... which means I'll have to mount the bender and hopefully not screw this up when I do it.

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