15 June 09
Dash and engine!

Mixed up more paint and shot a second coat on most of this; didn't quite have enough paint to get to the hinge.
Shot more paint on the interior. 
Looks like something bad happened though; I've got a texture in spots.  Will try sanding and buffing.
I have a replacement rag joint.  What I don't have is a clue how to get this apart.
Alternate view
Dash is painted (here, the "Chevelle" lettering isn't silver yet).
Weatherstrip attached to the outside heater box
And it's bolted down.
Engine is close to assembled.
Glove box trim is painted too.
Engine would be closer to done, but some idiot forgot to paint the alternator bracket.
Rag joint needed to be replaced; if you can see the top and bottom holes are torn through.
Not pictured: Ashtray, heater controls, steering column all mounted.

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