Rear panel complete.

By now, you know the drill. Start by cutting out the rusted portion of the top layer, then cut the rusted part of the bottom (structural) layer. I didn't take enough pics during this part; the structural layer was a little more difficult this time due to a couple of holes that had to be drilled for backup/license light wires. I got to use the Harbor Frieght drill press, which also worked decently, although it is a bit underpowered (bit hung up a couple of times). No pics of that patch panel; it wasn't all that pretty anyway.
As with the rest of the patches, I roughed out a patch from the old quarters. I think the outer patch on this side is more than a 90 degree angle, this one seems to be pretty close but doesn't tuck in as tightly as that one. Not that it really matters.
Again I failed to take enough in-progress pics. I replaced the structure and panel for the inner part of the license plate cutout as well, and with that I have completed my changes to the rear panel.
Next up, the rear seat panel and pass quarter.

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