15 May 2021
A return to form

You probably didn't notice, there was a stretch of unplanned downtime with the site.

It was a longer stretch than I would have expected.

Because of that, this is something new: this post has been transcribed from the equivalent post on my pro-touring build thread (here, if you're curious.  Also if you're not.)  This should be... interesting.
The most high-tech of paintbooths.
A full coat on the dash carrier too:
Various trim as well.
I need to clean up the center dash vent - it's *rough*.  By "rough" I mean:
  • The carrier is broken near the lever
  • The louvers are broken and glued together
  • There's JBWeld or similar filling the gaps
  • Not sure if you can tell - but there's a TOOTHPICK holding the edge together on the bottom left here.
They Say the vents for the 69 Chevelle with AC are not being reproduced.

They Say you wouldn't be able to get this housing apart to replace them even if they were.

They're right, of course. But... if you're careful, you can use a dremel to cut away the seam where the front and back parts of the housing were connected at the factory.
The Chevelle vents aren't being reproduced - that's correct - but the 69 Camaro and 69-76 Corvette ones have the Exact Same Dimensions (OER 748914).

And really... these are horrible.
So a quick pass to try and fix the broken carrier (cardboard as a pattern, fiberglass resin over that)
A quick test fit:
Paint, and it becomes hard to believe we started from the same place.

Also need to finish the cleanup on the AC controls

Start with some black "low acid fade resistant" posterboard:
A bit of cutting and you've got a heck of a before-and-after

I finished up the pedal switches.

The clutch safety switch ended up in a really convenient-to-attach place.

The other switches seem to be in decent places and are out of the way. Now to start the car, you have to press the clutch like on a real car!

The dashboard is coming together.
The gauges fit nicely in the housing and I've got all the indicators I need (and maybe one I don't -- the one bottom right of the speedometer is the cruise control, and I'm not seeing where I'm going to get the "yes, you're in cruise" signal)
With the gauges in the housing (along with the radio)

I thought I was getting close on the AC box. 

It's not perfect, but used the last of the gloss black to look for imperfections (found some!)
More sanding, cleanup, etc., and then a coat of the "charcoal" paint I'd bought for this.

Yeah, this is not the color I anticipated.  Will look for a better match to the factory color.

I went ahead and cleaned up the driver's fender for paint on the inside:
Predictably enough, I found crappy repair and rust.
I fixed the rust with another crappy repair:
Painted and mounted the fender (even used shims!) - this should be pretty close to its final location.  I'm not sure why the door edge looks like it's got a bend in it like that.
It's very pretty, in areas that won't typically be seen:
Got the parking lights taken care of.  Unfortunately the gaskets I made are much thinner than the original gaskets, so the original screws won't torque down.  Minor concern that it'll put the lens too close to the bulb and melt things.
I also handled the electrical to connect the parking lights.
Unfortunately I used the wrong ends for that connector so it all had to come back apart.  It's a little sad, those were outstanding crimps.
I have a concern about mounting the flashing security LED and the light sensor.  It looks like there's room behind the speaker vent ahead of the pad, but that'll conflict with the AC ducting.

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