Forward trunk pan day

Scraped the seam sealer out from around here. It was a little worse than I had expected.
This is the downside of cutting it out with the cutoff wheel. This is the fuel line, I nicked it enough that it'd leak now. Luckily, I had always intended to replace it.
Cut a patch, put a flange on the front and outer sides to weld to. Here it's just tacked in, the metal around it still hasn't been cut.
Much like the pass quarter, I used the sabresaw and the cutoff wheel to cut the existing panel to match the patch. Here's after the welding is complete and it's all flush. I liked the way the weld came out, I wish I'd taken a pic before putting the seam sealer on.
And off to the driver's side.. I scraped the seam sealer out of this side too, it was much better than the pass side.. no rust at the front edge like it was there.
And here, after patching. Just like the pass side, I cut the existing to match the patch.

Now I'm down to 5 areas I need to repair - both wheelwells, driver's rear seat pan, driver's trunk over the brace, and the driver's kickpanel.

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