18 Aug 05
LS1 teardown begins.

Primary goal today was to go ahead and take the tranny off the engine, so I could see what kind of condition the clutch was in. Started by carefully removing the bellhousing-to-engine bolts and putting them in a marked bag - I'll need these later. The fact that a couple of the bolts were only finger tight does not bode well.
Needed to unhook two sets of wires here on this side of the tranny (well, it was three - but I didn't see the third until after I'd removed the other two)
My first view of the pressure plate. Again with this, a couple of the bolts were only finger tight, and others had been cranked down and the heads rounded off some. My assumption is that these are supposed to be bolts with a 13mm head but I had to use a 1/2 socked to get the rounded ones out. Added "Pressure plate bolts" to the shopping list.
The throwout bearing and hydraulics. I have no opinion on the shape of these. If I have to replace any of the clutch, I may as well do this too.
This too does not fill me with happiness - I cannot help but think that GM does not put the shifter on with this much goop. As best as I can with no shifter handle I ran it through the gears and it went into each gear with a solid click so I think it's OK in the guts. I hope.
Flipped the tranny most of the way over to get the crossmember off and ran into a couple of problems: 1. I don't have a 19mm deepwell socket. Fixed that by using the four-way tire iron that does have a 19mm end. 2. When you flip the tranny over, tranny fluid leaks out (see it puddling next to the socket wrench). At least I didn't see anything metallic in the fluid as I cleaned it up.
Business-end of the pressure plate.
And the clutch disk. At least this does look relatively new.
I have no basis to judge if this flywheel is in good shape or not. I'll ask others.
Pretty sure that this cut line is an indication that I will need new clutch lines. Added to the list.
In the category of "stuff I don't need", the EGR assembly is at the top of the list, with the computer reprogramming and the LS6 intake. Again, not a good sign that there's only one bolt holding the bracket on.
Did some cleanup on the tranny. Shiny! (and heavy.. but mostly shiny!)
Not all that familiar with Camaros and the LS1 in general, but this sure looks like a power steering fluid cooler as part of the radiator hose.. if that's correct, then it's a bonus!

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