17 Mar 2013

So the headers came in, after the email from Jegs that said they wouldn't ship until the end of the month.

I bought Hedman "hedders", PN 68534 - they're supposed to be direct-fit headers for 98-02 Camaro with the LS1; bought them with the expectation that I'd have to do some substantial modification to get them to fit with my homemade engine mounts.

Yeah, that's not really so much the case.  Especially on the driver's side, there's actually very little that needs to be changed.
There's one spot where they rub on the crossmember. 
Passenger side is very similar.
I figure I can dent the pipe a little here to clear.
Alternate view.

I've got to dent the pipes, I need to strip these and paint with proper header paint, and I will need to cut off and weld up the spots for all the emissions stuff that won't be needed here.

There's also one more interference point, only on the pass side: The flange kicks out enough to hit the frame at its lowest point.  I actually figure that will fix itself, but we'll look closer when denting the pipes.

I must admit, I'm pleased with the Hedman quality and completeness - it came with the gaskets, blockoffs for the emissions stuff I'm not using, the collector flanges, and all the bolts needed.
Cut off the studs used for the stud welding and ground down the remainder.  There was another hole that was filled with putty.
Corrected the low spot in the dash top, too - cut the edge, pried it up, rewelded.
And then my air compressor failed.  I've only had it for 16 years.  Guess I'll get to rebuild it, new ones are much more expensive than I want to spend.

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