16 May 09
Rainy day

Rained most of the day, stopping about 3ish.   Busied myself cleaning up the garage.  Once the rain stopped, I was able to get to work.
You saw last time that I'd crunched one of the thrust washers for the spider gears.  I grabbed one from the El Camino but they're shaped differently.  The EC's washers wouldn't fit the Chevelle's spider gears, so I swapped the spiders out too.  Rear end buttoned up, hopefully for the last time.
I've got my work cut out for me here.  This brace is almost rusted through all the way around.
The T-bolts for the tank straps are bent or missing.
I put the intermediate parking brake cable from the Elky on the car, and hooked up the pedal.  The intermediate cable was a little long, but I figured it might work anyway with some creative use of the little hook-things.  It took a lot of effort to push the pedal down - the cable didn't want to move - and then once I realized it wasn't going to work, the cable didn't want to move back.  I'll have to replace the cable, I reckon.
Moved my attention to the front of the car, since I was annoyed by everything else.  It's not a good sign when both sway bar end link bolts snap when removing them.

Would have been too easy if they broke as soon as I put a wrench on them, but the first one made it almost all the way to the end - a lot of effort needed all the way through.
  This was my quitting place - I was running out of daylight.  Sway bar is off, front end is up on stands, rear end is on tires. The straps that are holding the car from rolling back are in the way of the driver's tire coming all the way off.  Don't really want to remove the strap until I have a parking brake though.  I'll get the wheel off when I take the control arms off, I suppose.

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