Got out there today to start putting in the replacement quarter skin. It was quite a bit easier than I expected.
Started by cleaning up the innards here and painted it with POR-15.
Drilled the holes for the emblem, test fit here.
Began welding with a series of tack welds all the way down. Skipped around a lot to avoid overheating the metal and causing it to warp.
Alternate view of series of tack welds.
Welded the areas between the spot welds. Lots of moving around for this.
Welds ground. I'll finish with a filler at a later time. The sheet of metal is to protect the carpet that's been sitting in the back of the car for a while from the sparks created by grinding.
The finished product. Hard to believe I was able to do this in just a few hours - I had expected it to take days. I've still got to fill the seams and add some metal to join the missing part of the outer fenderwell to the quarter. Otherwise, this is done.

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