Short day today, got irritated and had to stop.

Cleaned up the rust holes in the tunnel some - added some more small patches over rusted areas.
Mounted the plate that the accellerator pedal studs screw into.
(sorry, a little blurry) Tried to mount the inner seat belt nut, but somehow I did not accomplish welding the nut to the brace, but I did somehow accomplish welding the bolt I was using to the nut. Now I get to drill it back out and try again with a new nut.

I'll add a little more patching of rust holes (mainly near the front console mount) then I'll weld it from the bottom and fill it all with Evercoat Kitty Hair. Then, on to the passenger side and then to the back seat area. At least I got to break out the new auto-darkening welding helmet. That thing is one of the slickest things I've ever seen. It was one of the cheap ones from Harbor Freight, but still works great and since I'm not seeing anywhere to put a battery I must assume it's powered by the light?