I've started putting my new garage together. It's only about a foot narrower than the old one, but it sure feels a lot smaller than that.

Here's where I sat not too long after starting the evening's work. The previous owner left three workbenches - two on the wall on the left of this pic; one wide one on the wall you can't see. Immediately one of the three had to go - it was where the toolbox is now, and wasn't as sturdy as the other two.
This is as close as I came to getting a good pic of the other workbench (the one not seen). It's plenty sturdy, and provides storage for the wood stacked below.. but it sticks out too far from the wall and I can do better for storage. Current plan is to replace this with a whole bunch of drawers.
View towards the door of the garage. The large metal cabinet was left behind by the previous owner, which was awful nice of him.
This is kinda scary. The flourescent lights on the ceiling are all run through this switched extension cord that is just plugged into an outlet.
Here's part of why it's scary... each light is just plugged into an extension cord with multiple outlets, and they're all just chained together like that. Additionally, the only outlets in this garage are those 4 pictured above, and there is no 220 - so I'm going to need an electrician anyway (I wanted the compressor to be on the other side of the garage, I'll want a couple of 220 outlets, and I may as well add more outlets all over the place. Since it's a garage, I don't have any problem with exposed conduit. I'll get him to run several new breakers and all will be well.
The engine and solvent tank are about where I wanted the compressor to be.
A large proportion of the contents of the car are now in the attic. It's nice having that storage area, but some stuff (convertible top frame) is just too (spare elky door) heavy to even contemplate taking up there.
My mother-in-law supplied the hanging cabinets. These are great - I've got parts storage on top, plus room for whatever inside. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in them, but I do not doubt that something will appear. The only definite I've got so far is one has all the carbs I had sitting around, and one has the buffer and buffing compunds, but they aren't full and contents can change. I do think I'm going to have room for 2 more on the other side of the garage once I get to that point.
I'm just sticking whatever looks like it'll stack in this cabinet so far. I've still got a couple of boxes to unpack, plus the two rubbermaid containers full of 'Velle parts.. oh, and everything that's in the trunk. It's full too, and you'll remember how big it is..
Here's where I called it a day. The hood is cleared off; the interior is more empty than it was, and I've emptied a couple more boxes. Hopefully everyone will be able to resist the temptation to use the 'velle's hood as a workbench. I don't think I'm going to be able to get it up the attic stairs. The fenders should fit though, and the inner fenders and bumpers are already up there.
The only actual car-related thing I've got recently I actually got before the move - but they sat in the box through the entire move and just recently got opened.

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