Rear Seat Pan II

Time to do the driver's side rear seat pan. Here's a reminder of what I started with.
Started by cutting the rusted part away and making it vaguely straight. This is the first patch, although you probably knew that from looking.
Measured the hole and made this patch. Used my anvil as a buck for the rounded lip. Instead of the typical 20ga patch, I used some 16ga steel I had laying around. This stuff welds great, but is really thick.. it killed my Harbor Freight air-shears today. I had to use the cutoff wheel to finish cutting the patch.
Initial fitting. Much like the other patches I've done recently, I get it close, tack it down, then cut the old metal away from around it so I can make it flush. Unlike most of the other patches, the frame is in the way and I had to use the cut-off wheel instead of the sabresaw. You can see that I had to trim back the rounded edge so it'd fit better against the wheelwell.
Here I've welded more around the edges. This pic was taken just before I started with the cutoff wheel across the back (top of pic). I left the front unwelded since I'll be putting another patch in there.
And here it is, welded on three sides.
This is the template I made to help me make the patch for the major curved area. The dimensions listed are to remind me to make it a little bigger in these areas. Unfortunately, I used too small of a bit of cardboard so it didn't cover as far to the left as it should.
I got too into putting it in and didn't take any pics of the new panel before I started welding it in. Here I've already tacked and cut and tacked a few rounds.. the whole front is flush (but not fully welded) as is the right (outer) edge.
Got back into it, forgot to take any more pics until I got it welded in completely.
You can see at the top of the pic that I made the patch too short. The rest is pretty well welded (except for one spot next to the brace I need to fill).
Alternate view. The curves came out pretty good, to my mind.
I do still have some small rust holes to take care of though (circled) but they really should be easy, especially after the big patch.

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