18 Aug 05
LS-Fun continues!

Primary goal today was to get the old iron-block 350 off the stand and into the corner and put the LS1 on the stand. While I was at it, I found more .. questionable .. things about this engine I bought.
Not sure what either end of this was supposed to plug into; this end was unplugged and the other end had been cut.
No idea what this connector connects to, but the connector is destroyed and must be replaced.
Found something spiffy. These were lodged between the serpentine belt and the crank pulley - like they'd fallen down there and gotten stuck. They're part of a Nitrous Express kit (based on the NX logo on one of them). Assuming now that this engine was sprayed. Sigh.
Two trips to the local hardware store and a lot of effort later, the engine is on the stand. What a pain, mainly because of a) the way I had the LS1 situated - I had to hoist from the back and turn the engine around in the air to put the stand on it.. only dented the Chevelle door in a couple of places (which is of course a couple too many) and b) the 350 that was on the stand was HEAVY.. I don't remember blocks being that heavy but most of the time they don't still have the crank in them...
I don't know that I understand why there's a hole in the throttle blade. Additionally, it would appear that someone tried to adjust the stop to make it open more but went too far. If I don't have to replace the throttle body, I'll need to drill and tap for an adjustable stop. Not a big deal, but seems to be indicative of the type of life this engine has had. At this point I'm ready to assume that the engine needs complete rework but I'm really, really, really hoping that the tranny is in good shape internally.
Not sure what this vacuum line is for, but it's broken.
This may be the other end, but no idea what this is for either.
If the head bolts on the engine are a single-use item and should be replaced whenever removed, why is the middle bolt in this pic completely different from the others? I'm hoping it's not a stripped hole, although with the fun stuff I'm finding perhaps getting to replace the block would be a relief.
Tomorrow (or Saturday), I'll take the engine off the stand again and do a test-fit in the Chevelle's bay. I want to know just how badly the oilpan intersects the frame (or if it really does with the A-bodies, since F-bodies are rear-steer and need to dodge the center link). I already know I'll need to notch the frame for the compressor; may need to notch the frame for the oilpan too while I'm at it.

In other news, that little voice in my head that causes trouble is acting up. It's saying things like "Instead of sending the harness and computer in to be reworked, get one of the programs that'll do the computer and the chassis harness - add the Camaro steering column with all the accessories attached to it like the wipers and headlamps.. and see if you can't make VATS work" I know I won't save much by doing my own harness work; and the cost of the software almost completely absorbs any I do save, but then I'd have the software.. and I could turn VATS on and off as needed while trying to make the BCM talk to the PCM.

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