18 May 2009
Front End Teardown

Not so many pics of the pass side.  It had easier access, and was partially in the shade.  None of the joints wanted to come apart.  Upper ball joint, don't care so much since I've got replacement UCAs and spindles.

From looking at everything, I suspect the ball joints were replaced at some point - the UBJ is bolted in instead of riveted, and the cotter pins were much easier to take out than the ones on the tie rods - the tie rod cotters pretty well disintegrated.  I also suspect that the tie rods and bushings are original.
Here's what I mean - came out pretty much as a unit.  Ended up beating it apart with a 5 pound mallet.  I suspect I ruined the outer tie rod end on that side by pounding on the threads, we'll see.  Bump stop bolts were too rusty to unbolt, they sheared as soon as I started trying.
Driver's side has a bit less access.  I was able to get the LBJ and the tie rod off, which is a bonus.
...and here we have it bare.
I seem to remember reading something about original LCA bushings being more than just a press-fit, that the shells needed to be emptied and then a chisel used to collapse them.  Or is that all LCA bushings?  I forget.  Anyway, here's today's quitting point.  One bushing, one ball joint removed.  Tomorrow: the rest of the bushings, the other ball joint, and possibly sandblasting.

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