19 Dec 2017
Accessories complete

So apparently at some point a Summit Racing location opened not too far away.  Let's go spend money.
Primary goal was to get the AC side of the Holley relocation brackets (accomplished).  Also got the PS pump needed; not mounting the pulley until after remove/reinstall the engine again -- I've already broken one new PS pulley; not doing that again.

Engine will be coming out "relatively soon" - I'll want to finish up the welding of the firewall/floor/tunnel, and then seal and paint.
Next task: Try again on raising the tunnel (as mentioned last time, at one point I'd tacked the brace on both sides and broke both free accidentally.)  This time it ain't breaking.
The nice part about "interior floor" is that it ain't got to be pretty, it just has to be solid.  This is 16ga.
And welded all the way around.  You might notice that the screw in the upper left has a blob of bead that's run down around it... oops.  I think I'll need to clear that and remove the screw.  I also ran out of shielding gas at this point (quick run to Northern Tool for a cylinder exchange).

Even raised 2.25", the tunnel sure is shorter than the shifter housing.
Equivalent done on pass side too.  Will need to continue the process towards the back; next brace also has the seat belt mounts so will have to be extra strong.

Also still need to finish the front part of the tunnel, of course.
And another shot of the engine with most of the accessories in place.  Once I've pulled/reinstalled the engine and done the pass header modifications (see "1 Dec 2013 update) I think the core support can go in, along with the radiator etc. and we'll be a few steps closer.

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