19 May 2013
More rust

Got most of the body mount bolts out (all but the far back on the driver's side, front on the pass), but the more I look around the more rust I find. I'm almost to the point where I'm ready to start looking for a 69 Chevelle to move all these parts over to, it's rather disenheartening to find yet more rust.
These glowing spots are holes on the pass floorboard behind where the seat goes.  There are many; more than what the picture would indicate.  New floorboard or a heavy-duty patch job.
No idea how this happens - inner part of the bed, next to the fuel filler.  Guess this is more patching (once the tank is out).  You can also see some rust damage at the edge of the bed.  That's going to be a pain to repair.
Odd that the inner fender is that far from the frame there.  Simple enough to correct once the wheels are off, should free up some space for a little wider tire.
Here's where I repaired a hole in the bed years ago.  Looks like there was some rust to the bed reinforcement too.

Additionally, the rear mount on this side appears to be spinning in its cage; once the tank is out I'll need to cut an opening to fix that.  Looks like tank/axle removal is coming sooner than I expected.
Two separate rust holes in the driver's rear fenderwell (knew about these already, but that's more I'll need to handle when the axle is out).
Once I replace the accessories, I'll need to get new hoses... and the steering box needs to be cleaned up.  For my future reference, the hose closer to the driver's wheel is the low pressure hose.
Driver's door is completely torn down now (or at least as far as I'm taking it).  Need new window fuzzies and vent window weatherstrip; better to replace the drip rail and window moldings too, or at least polish these; not sure that mine are straight enough anymore though.

On a happy note, it looks like one of the driveshafts is an appropriate length. I can't put it in as the floor brace is too low at that point but nice to know that once it's raised I'll have one that fits (once I replace ujoints and the diff yoke).

Bought the bolts to do the new body mounts and I already had some new poly bushings.  Still need to tear the front end back apart and clean up/reinforce the frame and do the firewall cleanup (and AC box and all this rust repair and correct the headers and this and that and the other thing)

New compressor works.  Loud as hell, but puts out a lot of air.  Old compressor needs to be put up on CL.

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