29 May 2019
Body filler 1

This update has a lot of filling/sanding/feeling which takes a lot of time but doesn't really make for exciting photographs. Sorry about that.
I closed the 20 December update mentioning that I'd gone to Summit and picked up a rocker.

This is that rocker
If you needed a refresher, this is the rusted part of the old one.
and the other end
The rest of the area looked fine.
(except for this pile of rust and dirt and rust-foam I pulled out of it)
Cut the new rocker up to get the nice curve I needed.
You can see that I painted the inside of this area while it was open.

Bonus: Yes, the jack is stored under the car.
First tacks.
More tacks.
Lots of tacks.
Some grinding
More tacks, more grinding.
One more rust area to take care of.
I have found that the stud welder studs make outstanding holders for small patches.
Used the stud welder to raise the depression here on the sail panel, too.  Doesn't have to be perfect, just has to be better than it was; and it is.
Mixed up some All-Metal for these spots to go under the epoxy primer.
Ahead of the door too...
.. and behind.

I don't know if the temperature was just wrong, or the hardener failed, or I didn't mix well enough... but the all-metal didn't harden.
Tried to sand it and it just smeared.
Smear, smear.

Means I can't trust any of it.
36 grit fiber discs work pretty good for taking uncured all-metal off.
Cleaned it out of this seam...
... all of the tonneau cover snap holes...
... the gate-dent...
... and all the tonneau cover snap holes on this side
Left the initial filler on the seam since it actually hardened.
Did clean out this seam too.
After all that sanding, the interior had a quarter-inch thick layer of dust.

Next step: epoxy primer. The gas water heater is in the garage, so at SWMBO's request, I did this in sections so as to avoid creating an explosion. Apparently I was successful.  Two wet coats with half an hour between them.
First section was hood/fenders/driver's door.
You can really see that I've got my work cut out for me on the hood.
Second section was roof and quarters, and pass door.  Lots of dust in the primer.
Does look nice shiny though.
Then filler is applied over the epoxy primer.  That's Evercoat Rage Ultra, not All-Metal.  Reckon I'm done with that one.
So many spots that need filler.
All the spots.
And, of course, as soon as I start sanding the filler, there goes the primer.
I actually have to move the toolbox behind the car to get access to the tailgate.  It's not in very good shape.
More filling/sanding/filling/sanding.
Got the major problem area of the hood handled.
I had expected this to be the last day of forward progress for a while - it's becoming winter today; 11:59p yesterday it was 70F out, tonight it's supposed to get down to 21F. That's not the issue though: I ran out of filler. I don't have a LOT of things that still need work but it's non-zero. I expect updates to slow (at least from a bodywork perspective) since it's too cold for things to harden. I'd have preferred to get the body in primer again but I needed one more warm day. Also vacation ends and I need to go do day job again.

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