1 Jul 2012
Chevelle: I quit.

Yeah, not in a "I'm fed up and I'm throwing in the towel" way, but in a "I need the space and money more than I need two project cars" sort of way. Not that I have a bunch of readers looking at this stuff.

It's all from a series of unpleasantness:

1) I haven't made any progress on the Chevelle in years
2) Trans Am's transmission has lost fourth gear and is starting to get wierd in third
3) I got rear-ended in the Trans Am.  Very little damage (chipped paint and scuffs on rear bumper)
4) Three weeks later, I got rear-ended again and pushed into the truck in front of me (hole in front bumper, more scuffs on rear bumper, and frame is bent behind the axle)

Insurance on rear-end #1 paid out more than I would have anticipated.  Insurance on rear-end #2 totalled out the car (which I then bought back, I need a car and their buy-back was cheap)

So it was time to start looking for another car... and then the wife asked "Would you be willing to sell the Chevelle to get something better?".  The answer was, of course, "No."... but then I got to thinking about what I could get with the added money and my answer changed.

Chevelle is on Craigslist.  Please feel free to rush out and buy it.   No replacement car until the Chevelle is gone (more than anything else, if I'm buying something nice I want it parked in the secured area and not on the street).  Once I get a replacement, I'll sell the Trans Am as well (cheap, likely ~4k).

Thinking Corvette - either a C5 Z06 or a C6.  I'll likely accomplish getting the headers for the El Camino when the money starts flying around, too.

Unrelated to the Chevelle being sold: The El Camino had to donate its alternator to the TA, and during that process I realized that I can't remove the alternator with the engine where it is.  Seriously.  I had to take all the alternator brackets off to get it out.  That ain't going to work, so I suppose I need to go with alternate accessory mounting locations (which may make the AC frame notch easier, if I don't have to do it).

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