Rear suspension installed.

Bolted one wheel onto the axle for ease of rolling it all around. Here's a pic of the axle in the sunlight.
And here's the other side.
I didn't take any pics while I was wrestling with the control arms. Here's what it all looked like after I got it all bolted up. Up until it was all together, it looked like the springs were angling forward. Once I had the car sitting on the springs (still angled forward), I was able to lift the body/frame (by hand) and pull the springs vertical. Then when the weight was back on the springs, they were properly in their pockets.
And here's the car resting on its springs for the first time in who-knows-how-long (remember that when I got it, the springs were in the trunk and the rear axle was sitting on 4x4 blocks). It looks like a serious rake with the front end higher than the rear, but keep in mind that the fronts are on wheel-dollies and I've cut half a coil out of the rears but haven't done anything to the front yet.

Now, the rear is just under the car for my move to a new garage; I intend to pull it back out and put a posi unit in and finish reworking the undercarriage. I have not yet decided if I'm going to put the fenders back on before the move. If I don't, it may be a while before my next update.. and if I do, I don't expect to be making more than one more update before then.

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