The temp has gone back up to the high 40s/low 50s, warm enough to get out and get some stuff done.

Here's where the trunk pan was left off (from the 5 Jan 03 update). Pan is partially welded; wheelhouse has gaps where it's rusted away at the joint with the pan. Big gap at the leading edge of the pan, some other gaps on the inside. Brackets underneath have not been attached.
I started by welding the rest off the inside seam. In the larger areas, I used the thin strip that the air-shears leaves as a filler. It works really well for that.
I had to cut a bit to fit this gap up here. One of the body seams (not sure what to call it) doesn't line up well between the original trunk floor and the new panel, but it doesn't seem that noticeable now. I did have to hammer it straight before I could weld, I guess I got a little viscious when I was cutting it out.
Anyway, here's the rear brace and body mount, partially welded in. This is after I used a hammer and torch to get all the contours to line up better, but before I went back through and welded around the edges more. I used self-tapping screws to hold it all together, you can see some of the holes left behind from them.
Here's what it looks like from in the wheelwell. Not sure why the brace sits so low; I should probably put a cover on the exposed area to keep water out.
Filled the screwholes, ground the welds down (I had to go buy a new flap-disc). Still need to put filler on the seams (above) and seam sealer (below).
Proper weld around the wheelhouse. Need to put seam sealer on this, but it seems to be a solid weld. Note the rusted area to the right.
Welded a little further towards the outer edge.
Created a patch and fixed that rusted out area. I have not ground the welds here (from the inside) - I did grind them from within the wheelwell.
(Picture from the 22 Feb 03 update) You'll remember that I patched the outer edge of the rear panel last time; now it's time to work towards the center.
I started by creating a new support panel. No pics of the creation, it's just a flat bit of metal with two slight bends towards the back and one curve at the license plate area.
Cut out the panel where it's rusted away.
Here's the patch, before trimming. I had to reshape the middle bend, it was too tall.
After I rebent and trimmed the top a little.
Once I got it where I wanted it, I welded around the edges. There was a rust-hole higher up on the right (see above pics); it has been filled with weld-bead.
And after grinding the welds, it looks pretty good. The corners seem to be a bit sharper than the factory - there was more of a radius/curve to them that I just can't do when bending metal with a vise. I'll round it off a little when I do a filler pass on the car.
I didn't much care for this gap at the corner. Time to patch it.
Patch created. I don't much care for my welds here, but I did grind them down and it ended up looking pretty good.
The net result. Worked pretty well.
Unless I fall ill or something, I'll be back out there tomorrow. (Later note: I did indeed fall ill. I had thought it was Zinc Fever, but it would appear to just have been some sort of stomach virus)

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