More work on the pass pan.

Welded up almost all of the plug-welds, welded most of the perimeter. You can see some discoloration where I used the torch to get the old pan overlap to fit a little tighter.
And, of course, in the back.
I patched a small rust-hole in the tunnel.

Grind, grind, grind those welds. I still hate grinding welds, although the flap-wheels work a lot better than the stones.
Somehow I missed the outer rear seat mount bolt hole, I need to redrill the outer seatbelt mount on the pass side, and I'm still needing to drill the driver's outer seatbelt mount.
I've also got to mount the inner bracket on the pass side and finish the underbody welding, then the floorpans will be complete and ready for filler/paint!