The contents of this update were moved from the front page of the site. 20 Jul 03

It's now been one month since I started moving stuff from the old house to the new house. I've still got so much to do before I can get back to work on the car, which was towed to the new house with much of the contents of the garage in it. Since then, even more has been piled on top. Take a look:

Once I finish building the cabinets/desk for my study (major remaining task) and several minor tasks, I'll be able to start getting the garage in order. Of course, I'm now so broke I'll probably never be able to buy any parts, but if I can get the garage straight I'll at least be able to install the stuff I've already got. Hopefully this will be soon.

1 Jun 2003.

I'm moving to a larger garage, so updates may be less frequent for a while.