20 May 2010
Dare I try the challenge again?

This post's learning: The camera on my phone takes lousy pictures. Sorry about that.

No classes at all this summer.  Should give plenty of time to work on the car.

The only purpose behind this picture was to have a record of just how long the dash insert I'll need to make will be.  Move along, nothing to see here...
I have a flywheel!  Okay, I've had it for quite some time -- but I've put it on the motor (part way here -- it was an exceedingly tight fit on the crank and I didn't have the proper mallet to assist it).  I did buy the proper bolts.
I bought a deadblow hammer at the Pate swap meet (it's the orange one).  With that hammer, I was able to finish the flywheel install, install the clutch, and put the bellhousing on.  I still don't have the gears for the transmission -- we walked the entire swap meet and didn't see the gear guy.  Not sure how we walked right past him without seeing him.
Look, a throwout bearing.  And orange paint.
The only other thing I bought at the swap meet was a lifting adapter.  It's attached too now.
Once I put the engine in - even if I put it in without the transmission done - I'll want to put the front sheetmetal on to protect it.  However, the pass inner fender has a little bit of rust where the battery mount goes.  Perhaps it's more than a little.
I am too cheap to buy a replacement inner fender and I lack the skill to make a single patch panel.  Here's the first of three.
... and I failed to take pictures of the creation of the other two.  Here I still have some grinding to do.
I have a bit more grinding to do here as well.
This I just found surprising: Evening Orchid overspray on the inner fenders?  I would have expected them to be painted before assembly?

Seems to me that I've got two major purchases I need to make in order to make any real progress: The transmission parts that I've needed for quite some time now, and the paint to get the insides of the front fenders ready to bolt on (assuming that I paint them Evening Orchid -- Crocus Yellow sure would be easier, but it isn't *right* for this particular car; I'd have to get a black top and interior rather than the white that the EO gets). 

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