21 Apr 2013
I didn't have enough projects

Mentioned last time that the compressor had failed.  It never was a very good compressor - spent a lot more time filling than it did being used.  Now I know why.
So the headers fit pretty good, except for the things that don't.
This being one of them - the driver's side tube is too close to the frame to actually put an oxygen sensor in there.  Need to either move the bung to the other side, or move it further back.
On the pass side, here's where the header arcs out enough to clip the frame just above the LCA mount.
Picture just here to remind me that the steering arm bolts are NOT torqued down; I'll need to do that when I pull it all back apart.
So I don't like my current daily driver - it's slow and even though it's a 4 cylinder it doesn't get much better mileage than the TA did... but I can't drive the TA anymore - it's not inspected or registered; not insured; has four bald tires; minor frame damage behind the rear wheels; and most importantly, after the gentleman that got it stuck in third during his test drive, I'm scared to drive it for fear that the transmission will explode.

Best thing to do:
Pull the transmission to rebuild it.
Transmission had been jumping out of fourth since the day I got the car.  Then not too long before I listed it on CL, it got stuck in 3rd when I was getting on the highway.  Internet searches would seem to indicate bent or worn 3/4 shift fork.

Luckily, I had the leftover parts from when I rebuilt the T56 in the El Camino, including a 3/4 shift fork in good shape.

To be honest, I think this tranny has been gone through (relatively) recently -- the friction surfaces have lots of meat left on them and the forks had what looked to be new pads all around.  I replaced the 3/4 fork with my spare but I really didn't feel much of a difference with the 'wobble test' on the shaft.
I did find these though.  If you can't tell from the pic, these are broken 3/4 slider keys.

I had a set of these in my spares too.  I've installed them already and called it a day during the reassembly of the tranny.
Next up: cheap tires, reinsure the car, get it inspected and registered, and enjoy it more than my boring DD.

In site news, I found a different JPG-to-GIF converter and it seems to do a much better job, so I redid all the thumbnails for every post ever. You should see better ones now.

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