21 Apr 2020
Brakes sorted, and brakes broken

So I think I've found part of the issue with why the brakes don't seem to be building pressure: deep master...
and shallow pushrod.
So I ordered a long pushrod.  Then I found a spare (once again, where the heck did I get a spare?).  Old short pushrod to the right.
When I tried to insert the new pushrod, the 50 year old rubber cracked.  Sigh.
So - time to replace.

Not pictured, because the pic didn't come out: New booster came with an adjustable rod, which was a nice touch.
The feel is definitely different now.  The pedal is much higher off the floor and firm.

The mount for the light switches had to be removed.  Again.  It's going to interfere with the column again so I won't be able to use it quite the way it started.

Not pulling the pedal assembly out again so I'll have to do my welding in-place (fun).

The inner fenders need cleaned up to get ready for running the wires
I've used wire-brush-on-an-angle-grinder to clean up the underside.
Vaguely mounted the fuse boxes.
Pass side underneath is clean, and part of the top.  I'll need to figure out mounting for the ECU, somewhere not in the way of the AC box.
The headlight buckets and battery tray have been primed.
Painted too.

Also found the missing gas pedal assembly.

And then there's little stuff.
I think I've figured out how to do the El Camino's headlight/dimmer switch with the Camaro harness.
Sigh.  When I said "no leaks", I apparently spoke too soon.  Hope is that this is about all that's going to come out.  Fear is that under pressure it'll be a lot worse.
The little hole-of-unspecified-purpose (maybe radio antenna?) has had a plastic plug put in, and covered with strip-calk
Also I think I'll have to replace the AC ducting.

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