21 Aug 05
More problems found

Took the rockers and their base off on the driver's side. Looked OK.
Then I saw something odd. Driver's side intake port looks like one would expect.
Passenger side looks like someone got their "My First Head Porting Kit" and did a lousy job of it.
Driver's side pushrods. One of these things is not like the other.
No big gaping holes in the pistons, but a nice buildup of carbon.
Head looks normal too. Not too sure why I care, since the heads already need to be replaced.
Passenger side head has flecks of something in it, which doesn't thrill me.
That unusual-headed bolt that was in the passenger head is definitely larger in diameter than the normal head bolts. I tried sticking a normal head bolt in that hole to see if perhaps they'd just tapped the top and left the normal threads intact.
No such luck. The black line is where the threads start on the equivalent hole on the driver's side. My guess is that there's part of a head bolt stuck in there.
Passenger side pushrods. Again, one of these things is not like the others.
Broke one of the knock sensors. I had misread where the connector should be squeezed at it's narrowest point; the connector should actually be squeezed at the widest. Looks like of the two, I picked the right one to break though.
Passenger side head underside.
Took the pan off. Couldn't get the balancer/pulley off because I don't have a three-jaw puller yet.
Here's what the guts of the pan looked like; the oil didn't look as black in person.
Detail of the pickup connection.
Need to find what was connected here.
Pretty sure at this point I need to replace the heads. Once I get the balancer off and the oil pump out, I'll go ahead and unhook the rods and mains and take a look at the journals. If there's anything odd there, it'll be time to replace the block too.

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