Wheel bearing eats the spindle.

I'd put off replacing wheel bearings for too long - I hadn't been sure if I was hearing anything from up there. Guess I had. The inner bearing had disintegrated.
Everything went fine on disassembly, but I couldn't get the new inner bearing to go all the way on. A bit more inspection shows that part of the bearing welded itself to the spindle, couldn't get it to come off with a hammer and chisel, with a torch, with vise-grips.. guess it's time to replace the spindle.
Guess the wobbling of the hub from the destroyed inner bearing beat the drum against the shoes. They're pretty beat up, but new shoes aren't in the budget this week. New bearings or spindle weren't, but I seem to have had one new set of bearings, one new seal, and one replacement spindle in the parts bin.. they've been there for years, not even sure why I bought them all in the first place. New shoes next payday.
Since I can't get the bearing off the spindle, I'll have to replace the spindle. Started by removing the brake hardware.
With the brake backing plate off, I had hoped that I might be able to get the bearing off now that I had a better angle on it. No such luck.
This is my new favorite tool - last time I replaced ball joints, I ended up beating on a pickle fork with a hammer for what seemed like hours. This broke both the upper and lower free in 10 seconds total. 39.95 at Sears. Well worth it.
Replacement spindle installed, time to start reinstalling the brakes. "Installation is the reverse of removal", I took no other pics during the reassembly.
Dead spindle. I may try to get it off now, but it's not a priority anymore. This whole process was brought to you by Caffiene Free Diet Coke.

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