21 June 2022
Sand, Prime, Repeat

This is not an exciting update, but it might be the path to an exciting update.
I got the air filter situated.  Do wish I hadn't dented it in the process but it's longer than I think it should have been (and it's a tight squeeze to get it in there).
Bumper filler panel and vertical grille supports turned up and got installed.
Coat of epoxy (Summit branded), then filler, sand, rinse, repeat.
Coat of epoxy (Summit branded), then filler, sand, rinse, repeat.
Coat of epoxy (Summit branded), then filler, sand, rinse, repeat.
Coat of epoxy (Summit branded), then filler, sand, rinse, repeat.
No useful text available, more of the same.
Time to move to high-build primer.  This is u-Pol'sd System 20 HS Primer Filler.
Prime, sand, repeat with this one too.  Is nice to see it in a solid color again though.
Prime, sand, repeat with this one too.
Prime, sand, repeat with this one too.
Guide coat keeps showing me issues.
Guide coat in progress.
The glaze is u-Pol's Dolphin Glaze.  You're supposed to mix the
hardener in 50:1; that's hard to measure, this is what happens if you don't put enough.

Internet suggested putting a smile on whatever size blob you make on your pad, that seemed to work better
Again with more issues shown during the sanding.
More of the same.
Well, at least I didn't buy a new hood.

Resolved: next time, if in doubt, replace the damn panel.
Another coat of the u-Pol
Less issues this time around.
Again, then move from 220 to 320 to 400 grit.
Some burn-through to bare metal, here it's to be expected.
Here on the front of the hood, it is not.
Pass door, expected.
High on the pass bed side, with rust starting, not expected.
Tailgate: not expected.
All in all - not too bad,
The internet suggested that the burn-through should be coated with an overly reduced spray of the epoxy, except for this part of the hood, which should get more u-Pol.
Epoxy near the door.
Epoxy on the rear quarter.
Hood, reprimed in that area.
The big brown van brought me a present, that I am not ready to use yet.
Not sanding related: I've figured I had a vacuum leak, I can't get the idle down where it should be.  This is definitely a vacuum leak.

It is, however, apparently not my ONLY vacuum leak.  Investigation after paint.
Time to cut in door jambs, hood edges, tailgate edges, and the shiny part of the dash.
It came out really shiny!
Here too.
And on the hood edges.  This then prompted another round of 400 grit over the entire car as overspray got *everywhere*.
And that's the status. I got my air drier (from steel camel, as endorsed by Pharraway on youtube), got the 2000/3000/5000/8000 grit sanding disks for the cut and buff, buffing pads to arrive tomorrow or so, and then I just need to build a temporary paint booth to spray this in.
Suspect the correct order of operation is to paint the body and then come back and MASK EVERYTHING before doing the matte finish on the dashboard top - can't sand the matte to clean up any overspray so let's do it last.   Still scared of screwing this up but worst case, I do it again... and as previously mentioned: It's not a show car.  It's not supposed to be a show car.

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