Time to move on to the passenger quarter.

Like the other things on this car, the pass side is worse than the drivers side was. The car leans to the pass side (looks like the wood-blocks that are in place of the rear coils aren't equal height, the flat tires on the pass side don't help any either.) Added the jackstand just to level the car.
I'm going to have to replace the trunk pan and brace on this side.
The inner panel will need to be patched here. Additionally, the window takes a little too much effort to roll up. Will start by just lubricating it, but may need to disassemble and rework. Better to do it now while I can get to it all, right?
The pass side rear seat floor will also need to be replaced as part of that process. Knew I was going to have to do it, guess now is the time. Driver's side also needs replaced, but isn't as bad. At least this panel is reproduced.
Small hole in the rocker also needs to go. Easy patch.
Bottom edge of the rear panel.. not sure how far the trunkpan comes up here. I'll have to get the new pan before I can fix it all.
Small holes in the dropoff here. Will have to patch it all.

I was worried about not having enough to do over the winter after doing the driver's side. I shouldn't have worried, plenty to do on this side - plus I still have to patch the outer wheelhouse on both sides. I've made the template for the patches already, it's just a matter of cutting and mounting.

I've been using the trunk to store the parts I take off the car, I'll have to clean it out and check the rest of the floor in there.

There's some rust on the outside of the rear panel as well, should be simple to patch. That, plus the filler on the trunk lid, should keep me busy.. but I need the trunk pans, braces, and rear seat pans soon. Once I get the rear sheetmetal taken care of, it'll be time to pull the rear axle out, then I can put it back together properly and fix the lean.

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