22 May 2023

The to-do list shrinks. Next up: Carpet, so I can put in seats and console and figure out the shifter and side mirror locations.

It did not come out nearly as well as I would have liked.

Started with the padding.  I figured this could be a useful pattern for the carpet (n.b.: It's not).

What I should have done is use it as a pattern, then cut away where the high points are and where cables need to run.
Also I should have put a lot more effort into making sure the transmission tunnel was smooth.
Here I got the padding "cut to fit".
Carpet is ready.
Cut using the pattern.  Cut slightly oversize so we're not short anywhere (foreshadowing!)
This is the carpet for the back wall.  My plan had been to drape it from the front edge of the package tray.
The scissors I was using were horrible but I eventually made it through.
Back wall carpet cut to fit.
New plan: spray adhesive (3M Super 77) and we'll directly attach the carpet to these reinforcements.
Doesn't look too bad.
Initial fit of the carpet.

The shifter cover needs to be *under* the carpet, it extends on the driver's side a couple of inches lower than the side of the console.  That would be unsightly.
The carpet, surprisingly enough, is about an inch shorter here than I would prefer.
Finally a chance to clean the sills up and mount them.  Interior trim too.

Really would prefer to find a new set of the rear corner panels - the black paint is already wearing off on the edges and they're so thin.
You can see on the tunnel that low spot at the end (see this image from Feb 2019).  That really doesn't look good here.
With the seats in it's not so noticeable.  I'd figured that I'd use the old Kicker speaker box and it'd cover that...  she says no, it's too big.  I'll need to get a couple of smaller boxes.
Here's what it looks like with the console in.

The shifter handle that came with that "Pro 5.0" shifter is offset like 15 degrees to the driver's side which means that it hits the console lid going into first and second.

I bent it as much as I could, which isn't enough.
Figured I'd try it on the other side of the shifter, maybe that would free up some room.  Nope, now it can't go into reverse.
5th/6th is right against the edge.
I'm pretty sure this is in 3rd.

Better view of the bend to the arm.
I'm not pleased at all with how the carpet turned out.  Here's where I needed to cut a slit for clearance.  I think maybe I need oversized floor mats.
Perhaps it'll work itself out.

And then I found more issues.

This is the clutch pedal, hitting the plastic carpet-guard-thing. 

The clutch pedal isn't from a Chevelle, it's from a Camaro.  Apparently they're not the same.

I can't tell yet just how much clearance I've lost here, or whether it prevents the clutch from fully disengaging.
Internet says this is the Chevelle pedal.
For comparison, this is also what the Internet thinks a 69 Camaro clutch pedal looks like.

I assume my answer will be to grind/cut some of that bend away.  I may then have to reinforce the remaining part of the arm.
This is the wiper arm.  The ball stud is not apparently removable.

I'll need to find a 0.445" ball stud that I can attach to the new wiper motor or come up with an alternate linkage.

David Sloan had an idea on this PT thread that may be my destination.

I found more likely issues.

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