22 Nov 2021
Bare Metal pt 1

With the roof mounted, the first step would be to put some all-metal on the A and B pillar joins:
Blorp.  Needed to go down the A-pillar some to line up with where the lead used to be.
B-pillar more straightforward.
(and, of course, once it's there, you need to sand it smooth)

The goal with doing the filler was to get into a position where the seam-sealer could be applied in the drip rails.

Masking is important.  I didn't mask all that well.
While I have the seam sealer out, let's get this panel mounted *and sealed*.
I used the wrong screws, because I ran out of the pan-head philips screws.  These will suffice for now.
Also while the seam-sealer was available, I put a little dab on the threads of the trim studs for the windshield and rear window.

All of this was with a goal of getting ready to put the rear window in - which really would require that I have the headliner in place first - to force the ordering the headliner. Not quite ready at this point to put said headliner in though:

I'm not going to want to be grinding so close to the glass, and this needs fixed.
So, it got fixed.
All-metal was handy, too.
These got filled with some epoxy putty, and then the whole shelf was covered with more all-metal.  Going to try and marry the back edge of the shelf with the window frame.  You'll see the covered shelf in other pictures.

And then, She Who Must Be Obeyed had an epiphany about the headliner. She may even be right. She announced that there is no point in worrying about glass or interior until the body is painted. So - let's get started on bodywork!

I figure I'll strip the entire body, then do a cycle of welding in new metal everywhere that needs it, then filler, epoxy primer, high-build primer, epoxy again, then paint. It's maybe not the right time to do this - since we're moving into the "too cold to paint" days - but I anticipate a lot of welding.

Sanding further down from where the B-pillar joins.  I don't know what the round thing is - maybe a bullethole?
Appears that the quarters were re-skinned at some point.  I don't much like this seam - looks like they only welded part of it and it's definitely not flush.
Also there is random rust-hole.
Carrying the paint-stripping on back, the rear of the lower flange just in front of the wheelwell appears to be made out of bondo.  Not all that surprising.
Detail of the lower flange.
. Small rust-holes, also not surprising
Rear quarter, naked.

I am pleased to note that there were no real surprises here.  It's a pretty straight, relatively low-rust panel.
Back edge of the door, however, is another story.
Front edge is even worse.  A smarter man would probably just re-skin the door.
There is a door-ding just ahead of the front of the handle - you've got to really put some effort in to make that big of a ding.  Also there's the side-mirror mount that's not really smooth (see this post from Mar 2013 for detail.).  All must be worked.
There is a single hole in the top of the fender over the cowl.  I don't know why.  I blame tinworms.
Some more rust damage on the back edge of the fender.
And it extends further up too.
  It appears that at some point the El Camino was involved in an accident that was enough to bend the front of this fender up - can see evidence of a lot of hammer-and-dolly work.

Again here - a smarter man would probably replace the fender.
Sure does look nice in bare metal though.
The hood.  Sigh.  Again with this - smarter man, etc.

In fact, you should probably be reading the smarter man's page instead of mine. 

So should I.
Rust holes add lightness.  Or something.
Went ahead and put the hood "on" for stripping - need to have access and needs to not be outside.

You might notice that the header panel is not installed.  That's intentional - I have a choice:  I can have access to the attic, or I can roll the car back enough to put this panel on, but I can't do both.

I don't have a good workaround in mind for that.
And as we strip, we find more rust holes.

I can fix this.  Or I'll decide to replace it.
Hood stripped.  So-much-dust, it looks like I had the dashboard flocked.
Bonus rust hole - I knew about the lower ones, the upper one was hidden by the paint.
Also a tiny hole that will require attention.

I figure the top of the hood will get handled, then I'll flip it over and do the bottom - and prime/paint the bottom before reinstalling.

Also I did this:

I have not drilled the access holes for the lines as yet though.

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