23 Apr 09
Taking inventory

Today was all about figuring out what parts I do and don't have.  Admittedly, not the initial plan - I'd thought to find the rear drum brake backing plates, clean them up, and get them mounted to the car so I have a parking brake.. but such was not the case.  I've picked through the boxes of crap in the attic, between El Camino parts, 67 Camaro parts (I really need to go ahead and put them on eBay), BMW parts, and random other crap that somehow got mixed in with my car parts in the attic, I found all sorts of stuff but no backing plates.

Pictured: the portion of the attic that theoretically is El Camino parts. Found most of the Chevelle parts here.

Not finding the backing plates is not such a big deal; I'll just have to take the ones off the El Camino.  The EC rear axle is draining now, no fluid to drain in the Chevelle axle.  Will end up killing two birds with one stone here, as long as the axles are out I'll bolt the disk backing plates to the Elky.  Not changing gears or putting posi in today though.

I just can't see myself throwing the backings away though - I even kept the springs and adjusters (in a box marked "Rear Drum Hardware") so not sure what happened there.  I do seem to have the drums, too - and I would think I'd have chunked them long before the backings.

I don't doubt they'll turn up as soon as I finish getting the EC ones mounted.
Boxes and boxes of stuff.  Plenty of things I didn't know I had, plenty of stuff I can't identify (but it must be Chevelle stuff, it's in the box with the other Chevelleness).

These I'll have to replace at some point; one headlight eyebrow, one parking lens, and one taillight.  Not that big of a deal.

Current Pate shopping list:
- Shifter
- Trunk Pan repair
- Heater box seal kit
- Steering wheel (mine is cracked and bent)
- Trunk weatherstrip (once I fix the floor, I'll want to keep it dry)
- Brake lines
(more to come as I think of it)

I'll keep an eye out for these too. 

Missing parts, beyond the backing plates - I don't know where the engine compartment part of the heater assembly is; not sure where the Elky's brake pedal went (since it's auto); I was hoping I'd find the rest of the parking brake cable but no such luck.  Will see how well the one from the Camino works - I know the Camino is longer, but there's multiple cables and there may be enough wiggle room to make it work.

When I took the spindles with brakes off the El Camino, I couldn't get the hoses free from the lines, so I cut the lines.  Bad, in that I don't have spare lines to use.. but good, in that I don't have to replace the (front) hoses.

Tomorrow's plan: Backing plates!  Maybe moving the car!

Oh yeah. I have to make a confession, too.  Looking at the work I've already done to the car, my welds are downright embarrassing. Hopefully between the welding class and adding shielding gas, I'm not anywhere close to that bad of a weldor now.  If I am... then I won't be posting pics of my welds.  Lots of cleanup left to do, glad I bought the large angle grinder.

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